Great Seal of the State of Kansas

Baker, Elizabeth

Attached is a transcript of Elizabeth Baker's interview and other related documents.

More about this project:
This oral history project documents Kansas women legislators from the early 1990's. The interviews have been transcribed and collected together in this archive. This content was recorded for the Kansas State Historical Society (https://www.kshs.org/) and Washburn University (https://www.washburn.edu/) with the hope that it would help scholars in the future. Each legislator was asked the same series of questions, so the body of data would reflect the perspective of each legislator on certain topics; including their experiences as a legislator (elections, political service, issues, and notable stories) and personal information (background, family life, and political identity). The audio files were recorded, transcribed, shared with the legislator, and any changes the legislator wished to make have been made.

Interviews were conducted by:
Dr. Sara Tucker, Washburn University Department of History
Dr. Barbara Burgess, Washburn University Department of Mass Media